Thursday, April 7, 2022

President Assad's Full Speech: CIA Collaborated with Nazis in the 1950s

 Syrian President Bashar Assad delivered an insightful speech to a group of teachers on their day, the Teachers' Day, in Damascus on the 17th of last month, March, in addition to offering his views on developing the education sector in Syria, the Syrian leader offered information about the collusion between the CIA, Nazis, Zionism, and NATO since way back in the 1950s, information that might be shocking to many.

Those who read my posts here have an idea about the links between NATO and terrorist groups operating mainly in the Levant and against Muslim majority countries, terrorist groups like ISIS, Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant aka Moderate Rebels aka FSA, and the close connection between these terrorist groups and the Zionists in Israel and the west.

A follower of my Facebook page in one of the groups asked to provide evidence of such collusion, especially between the CIA, NATO, and the Nazis in Ukraine, a fast search on the net I stumbled upon a pdf file, it's a scan of a memo declassified in 2007 ad uploaded to the CIA's official website confirming what seems to be black ops carried out against the Soviet Union in western Ukraine and Eastern Poland using Nazi radical groups who were recruited earlier on: pdf file.

It took me quite a while to finish translating President Assad's 45 minutes of Teachers' Day speech, then printing the subtitles on the video file, time is not on my side recently, the first part of the speech is vital for people involved in the education sector all around the world, and the second part of the speech talks about the current situation, especially the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

For the full transcript of the speech in English, if you prefer to read text printed online instead of on a video: President Assad Exposes the West, NATO, Zionism, and Nazism Collusion.

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