Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Israel Bombs Syria for the 3rd Time this Month to Start a Regional War

Israel is itching for a regional war hoping the US troops and those of Turkey and the tens of thousands of Al Qaeda and ISIS (ISIL) would be in the forefront defending it before they withdraw or get eliminated, it carried out its 3rd bombing against Syrian army targets outside Damascus late night and killed 4 Syrian officers, injured 3 more in this attack.

Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Killing and Injuring 7 SAA Soldiers

The bombing comes in what Israel calls a battle between wars, the anti-Jewish Zionist entity of settlements cannot live without constant wars and conflicts, if it's not directly at war, it makes sure that strife, civil wars, and wars continue in the region with the help of its US and other NATO sponsors.

Israel needs a war now taking advantage of the presence of thousands of US cannon fodders in Syria, about 17,000 Turkish soldiers in the north of Syria, and tens of thousands of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists mostly concentrated in Syria's Idlib province and across a northern strip bordering Turkey where they operate under the protection of the Turkish Army, NATO's second-largest army.

A regional war where Russian troops are present and who would engage with Turkish and US troops will be another benefit for Israel to reduce the pressure the Russian army is having over Ukraine, a de facto Israel occupied land through its citizens of Jewish religion ruling Ukraine: Zelensky, his prime minister, his ministers of defense and culture, and their allies in the Nazi radical groups of Azov, Aiydar, and others. Dragging Russia into another confrontation helps Israel maintain its control over Ukraine through its stooges there.

Syria, on its side, has set its priorities to eliminate Israel's proxies on the Syrian soil then focus on liberating the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel with the help of NATO, unless Israel crosses a red line in its bombings then all options are on the table, this latest bombing might have crossed the Syrian red line, it caused the killing of 4 Syrian officers, a colonel, and 3 lieutenants, and wounded 3 others.

More in this report: Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Killing and Injuring 7 SAA Soldiers.

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