Sunday, April 10, 2022

Israel Bombs Central Syria Extending a Hand to ISIS

New Israeli aggression with the help of the USA against Syria with to extend support to ISIS terrorists in their renewed attacks against the Syrian people, this time, the Israelis targeted the vicinity of Masyaf from over northern Lebanon.

US-sponsored Israel Bombs Central Syria to Aid ISIS Terrorists, Again

Shortly before the fast-breaking time for the Muslims, the Israeli fighter jets fired their missiles from over the Lebanese northern city of Tripoli toward the Syrian territories, the aim is once more against facilities of the Syrian Arab Army, mainly the Army's Comptroller School and some air defense units.

The targets and the trajectory of the missiles must have been seen by the Russian naval and military bases in Tartous and Hmeimim, respectively, Syrian activists are wondering whether the Israelis are provoking the Russians, especially after strong warnings by the Russian officials to Israel against its repeated bombing in Syria against the Syrian armed forces and the Syrian people while the Syrian armed forces are engaged in combating terrorists in multiple fronts.

A statement by the Syrian Army said there was only material damage in the targeted site and that some of the incoming missiles have been shot down by the air defense units in the vicinity.

Palestinian attacks against the imported European and Russian settlers in Palestine are on the rise and are scoring among those settlers, this is resulting in panic and insecurity among the Israelis whose regime thought they could show some force by sneaking over Lebanon and firing a barrage of missiles toward Syrian territories.

More about this latest Israeli / read: US-led NATO war crime against Syria in this report: US-sponsored Israel Bombs Central Syria to Aid ISIS Terrorists, Again.

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