Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Why We Do NOT Trust Western Mainstream Media or Western Officials!

Russian President Putin stated that his military operation in Ukraine is mainly about Russia's national security, there were statements by Russian officials that one of the threats coming from Ukraine was a biological weapons program developed with the USA, Ukraine denied, the western mainstream media ridiculed the news and called it 'conspiracy theories', their best way to in defense.

We, Syrians and the rest of the world believe those who lied once to justify a crime, let alone a war crime, will lie again to justify similar crimes, let alone war crimes, we are also strict, the Syrians and the rest of the civilized world, that those who were caught lying will not be allowed to testify in any case before any court of law. The early Americans came up with a popular saying with a similar meaning: 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me', however, their children altered the popular saying to be: 'keep fooling me, I'm foolable.'

Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction, a fabricated lie, yet they not only invaded the country, not only destroyed and looted it, not only killed over a million Iraqis including half a million children, and we all remember the bloodthirsty devil Madlen Albright's infamous reply: 'the price is worth it', not only displaced 4 million of its people, not only created the breeding nest for terrorist groups in Iraq, they got away with it and even repeated it once again with the rise of ISIS.

Libya, the most developed, prosperous, wealthy nation in Africa, they invaded it based on lies and turned it into an open slaves market, a failed state, a looted country, no proper figures on the number of people killed which goes way more than 100,000 human beings, and not only they got away with it, the vice president of the USA at the time of invading it was elected as the new president of the USA and serving his term now, his boss received a Noble Peace Prize which he was not stripped of, and he's now lecturing on human rights along with the disgusting Mrs. Clinton.

Similarly, Syria, the ridiculous lie of the president and the Syrian army are killing their people while Al Qaeda and ISIS (peaceful protesters morphed into freedom fighters then moderate rebels) are in Syria to defend the Syrian people from their own fathers, brothers, and even sisters in the Syrian armed forces who want to kill them with chemical weapons!

BTW, in case you didn't notice, they are still continuing with the 3 above wars adding to them the war on Yemen, Somalia, the dividing of Sudan and continuing to divide it, the unrest and terrorism in almost all of Africa, and so on.

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If it's a solid accusation backed with documents, facilities exposed, and material confiscated condemning the US and other NATO officials, it's a conspiracy theory until proven and then it becomes they were there to handle it, not being the ones inventing it in the first place.

If it's their lie, how ridiculous it is, then it's solid proof and the parties they accuse with their ridiculous lies must prove it's wrong and while trying to do so are being constantly demonized and the work to increase their war crimes based on those lies continues, and when it's proven to be a lie, they just admit it and continue with another lie.

This wouldn't be important at all had their people who support them had only 2 functioning brain cells each, and if there's accountability for war crimes committed, at least for lies told that caused harm to others and as well to their own supporters. Sadly, that's not the case and sadly, we see demons like Nuland who was the key orchestrator in the Nazi Maidan events that toppled the democratically elected Ukrainian President in early 2014, handpicked the new regime(s) in Kiev (Kyiv) and then went on all offensive against everything Russian in the country to the extent of developing a biological weapons program to be used against the Russian people.

Unlike the lie about Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction proven to be a complete fabrication and which countries like the USA and UK crossed half of the planet to invade the oil-rich Iraq based on that lie because they needed to defend their national security, Ukraine was actually engaged in developing a program of weapons of mass destruction, a biological program with the help of the USA and directed at Russia right on their borders.

Now, do you still trust your beloved western mainstream media which acts like the Pentagon and NATO propagandists promoting their lies without due investigation, real journalism? If still dumb (and not sorry to use this description) I invite you to watch how a CNN crew themselves blew up an oil pipeline in Syria and accused the Syrian army of it then forgot all about it and moved on to other lies: When a CNN Crew Blew Up the Oil Pipeline in Homs.

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