Thursday, March 3, 2022

Syria Supports Russia in its Military Operation to De-Nazify Ukraine, Top Official Explains

Not all people see the reality of events, most get brainwashed by the media especially if the media is capable of producing high quality videos showing the impossible happening, if they have decades of experience in manipulating their audience, if they have endless resources of money, and if they're proven to have lied not once but every time before.

Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs on Russia military operation in Ukraine
Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syria's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

If the war on Iraq based on the lie the US and UK officials repeated of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction and their media's role in it was not enough, and if the lies about invading Somalia, (remember that? It's still suffering), Libya, Yemen, and Syria, and especially Syria has not taught you anything on the western mainstream media lies and how they cheer every NATO invasion, regime change war and black operations, sanctions, and terrorism support, and how the media and its audience have never held accountable the real war criminals who waged those wars like George W. Bush and Tony Blair and you're ok with that, do not read further and do not get involved in politics, you'll be part of the killing machines of NATO officials.

NATO claims to be a defense alliance, throughout its unjustified existence ever since the Warsaw Pact was dissolved and the USSR disintegrated, why it waged so many wars around the planet and why did it expand to include now 30 countries heading east toward Russia and why it has no accountability process for its war crimes, we see Julian Assange in prison for exposing a US military war crime shooting to kill journalists in Iraq, for instance, but we see Tony Blair and his George W. Bush boss, the masters of Iraq war enjoying their lavish style, they even preach on democracy, free speech, and how to handle crises!

Syria had its share of foreign intervention, over the past 11 complete years, more than 80 countries decided to topple the Syrian government and replace it with a NATO-backed puppet regime, not for democracy or freedoms, we didn't see that in any such intervention by NATO nor in any NATO ally (Saudi and Qatar never needed democracy or free speech, they don't even have Parliaments or opposition parties, they don't even have ruling parties...!), and in addition to all of NATO countries plus Israel, plus the Gulfies, plus 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists brought in from all sides of the planet to 'democratize and free the Syrian people' from their lives. Now, it's Ukraine's time, but there's no blame on NATO, all the blame on Russia for trying to protect the people of Donbas after 8 years of constant bombardment by the US-sponsored regimes in Kiev (aka Kyiv) which left 14,000 people dead, sadly they're Russians that's why Western Europeans don't care about them despite having white skin and blue eyes.

Syria's former ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari, a career diplomat with 3 relevant to his job PhDs, and one of the trustees of the UN Security Council for years, highly respected among all his peers at the international body until he refused to accept money and refused to submit to pressure to 'defect' against his country (betray) and suddenly turned into an outcast, and currently Syria's deputy minister for foreign affairs summarizes Syria's firm position supporting Russia in an interview he held in Damascus two days ago, here's the transcript: Syria’s Bashar Jaafari on the Russian Military Operation in Ukraine.

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