Monday, February 14, 2022

Kurdish Separatist Terrorists Kidnap 45 Syrian Children for Children Soldiers

The US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorist group illegally operating in northern Syria continues its war crimes against the Syrian people and especially against the Syrian children, the latest toll of kidnapping 45 children from their families marks the highest since its leader, an Iraqi-Kurdish, signed an agreement with a UN body not to do so again back in June 2019.

File photo: Kidnapped Syrian children recruited as Kurdish SDF terrorists
File photo: Kidnapped Syrian children recruited as Kurdish SDF terrorists

Local sources in the city of Tabqa of the Al Raqqa province in northern Syria confirmed that herds of heavily armed Kurdish SDF terrorists stormed a number of neighborhoods of the city and its surrounding villages and kidnapped children aged 14 - 16 and took them to a military camp in the city of Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The Kurdish terrorists were also accompanied by Biden forces on the ground and their helicopters, Biden maintains the troops illegally deployed in Syria by Obama (and Biden 1) and then Trump who declared their mission is to merely 'keep the Syrian oil' because as he said he 'likes oil'...!

Syrian Kurds in their vast majority oppose the acts of the commanders hailing from the Iraqi Qandil mountains who form the terrorist groups of so-called SDF - YPG - PYD and all these NATO-sponsored groups, who are in turn, allegedly fighting the other NATO member state Turkey in northern Syria using these kidnapped Syrian children as fuel for their war machines.

More about this latest war crime by the USA and its sponsored terrorists in northern Syria in this report by American political analyst Miri Wood: SDF Insurrectionists Kidnap More Syrian Children for Criminal Militia.

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