Thursday, February 17, 2022

Israel Bombs Southern Damascus from the Occupied Golan

Israel carried yet another war crime yesterday late-night bombing the outskirts of a small city in the southern Damascus countryside, this time from over the occupied Syrian Golan and coinciding with a visit of the US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to the apartheid regime.

Israel Celebrates Pelosi’s Arrival by Bombing Southern Damascus, Syria

There's always funding for Israel's war crimes when it comes to the US taxpayers, there is no funding at all for the homeless US citizens and those forced into the streets for failing to pay their increasing mortgage payments as the real economy continues to crumble no matter how the US mainstream media and US officials are trying to cover it up with news of the virtual economy, even the latter saw a sharp slide of 232 billion dollars in one day over a budget announcement of Facebook, you can measure all other virtual assets on that.

Israel relies heavily on US taxpayers to keep it surviving, its economy is based on wars and selling weapons and spyware, this, in addition to any other exports that Israel has is highly dependent on the US grants and access to the US research and development, and to markets as well as the other countries that the USA forces to deal with Israel on favorable terms to Israel and destroy those who do not.

The USA not only funds Israel's very existence, but it also provides it with a total military and political cover, US soldiers are literally sacrificed as disposable cannon fodders for Israel in the US wars in the 'Middle East' and beyond.

Yesterday's bombing of Damascus's southern countryside during the visit of the very-long serving Pelosi to Israel is another show of the 'ironclad' relation between the world's last apartheid regime Israel and its patron.

However, all indications are showing that this US very costly investment is failing and Israel is not sustainable, the European and Russian settlers in occupied Palestine will have to pack and go back to their home countries much sooner than earlier anticipated.

More in this report: Israel Celebrates Pelosi’s Arrival by Bombing Southern Damascus, Syria.

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