Monday, December 13, 2021

United Nations Security Council Neo-Nazis against Syria

Whoever thinks the Nazis mentality and even physical presence in the world's politics are over basically doesn't know what's going on or cannot see what's going on or, maybe, does not want to see the events in the world since the end of WWII.

Nazi UN NATO Junta Growing Bored of Fake Syrian Chemical File

A look at two major international institutions and the officials who led them and continue leading them proves beyond doubt that the ideology of Nazism is still in control, the least is its dominance in the mentality of the 'New Crusaders' the current western leaders, represented in the P3 member states of the Security Council, the USA, France, and Britain. The other manifestation of the presence of Nazism on the world's stage is the NATO alliance, its agenda, its practice, and those leading it, historically and in the present time.

This is very obvious in the insistence of the NATO member states at the UNSC in continuing their lies and fabrications, their incitement, and provocation, and their direct negative interference in Syria.

As if the regimes of the Bankster Macron in France, and the refusing to step aside Elizabeth of Britain, and the White House colorful junta of Biden, all of them have solved their own countries' pressing issues, the more dangerous issues around the world, and the only thing left for them is force-exporting their degenerated lifestyle on the Syrian people.

The latest meeting of the UNSC at the request of NATO member states in their 100th attempt to issue a resolution to justify a 'democracy-spreading' campaign against Syria similar to what they did to Libya is mere proof these people who lie with straight faces, hypocrites at the core, evil criminal by nature continue to bring up the already debunked 'Chemical File' in Syria.

Miri Wood, seasoned investigative political analyst defaces the P3 NATO member states of the UNSC in her latest post: Nazi UN NATO Junta Growing Bored of Fake Syrian Chemical File.

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