Friday, December 10, 2021

Prominent Syrian Activists Warning Russia Not to Lose the Syrians Public Support

I might be the first one to warn Syria's presumed allies back in 2013 to, first, to give full support for Syria against the US-led war of terror because they are targeted as much as Syria is and they're next on the list if NATO and its proxies take over Syria, and second, most importantly and it came after their consecutive involvements on side of the Syrian armed forces: Do Not Play Politics with the other camp on the account of the Syrian people and their country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Israeli war criminal Neftali Bennett
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Israeli war criminal Neftali Bennett

If the Syrian leadership accepted the super generous offers with astronomical figures in direct funding and grants and dominance in regional politics had they accepted the US doctrine in which Syria would switch sides and within this deal, a gas pipeline would be extended from Qatar through Syria to Europe bypassing both Russia and Iran and eventually strangling the economies of both countries since back in the year 2011, both of those countries were very weak compared to their today's positions thanks only to the Syrian people's sacrifices.

Unfortunately, back then I was heinously smeared and aggressively attacked by other activists claiming to be pro-Syria and pro-Russia and Iran, and I'm still being outcast by those who were always proven wrong throughout the development of the events in Syria.

Now, the general public in Syria are getting frustrated with the lack of proper allies' support, both our main presumed allies Iran and Russia are banking on our sacrifices, Iran avoided being the main target of the war of terror as Syria sustained the main damage and defeated the plot, and Russia is back to the global stage as a superpower extending its presence in warm waters and marketing its weapons instead of getting isolated within the Black Sea as the furthest region in the south it can reach.

In addition to the lack of proper support by Russia and Iran to Syria economically, there's a weird relation between Russia and Israel on the account of Syria manifested mainly in the repeated Israeli bombings against Syria, the last of which was the bombing of the containers yard in Latakia commercial seaport not far from the Russian main military base in Hmeimim.

Naram Serjoon, (pen name like yours truly), a widely respected author rings the bells for Russia, he's comparing Russia's relaxation in dealing with the Israeli bombings and 'playing political games' on the account of the Syrian people, though he put it in more diplomatic words, in a post he published in Arabic and I translated here: Russian Reassurance, the Star Wars Trap for Russia in Syria.

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