Monday, November 22, 2021

Turkish Erdogan Hinting to Literally Crush Opposition Ahead of Elections

As elections approach, the Turkish madman Erdogan is getting nervous and his propagandists are calling to crush the opposition, crushing like persecuting, jailing, intimidating, and so on.

Erdogan’s Democracy… Tension in a Dangerous Direction!

It's not something strange in a country that contributed to the destruction of other countries for NATO under the guise of exporting democracy to them, this is the democracy they have in their own countries while hiding their reality from their own Sheeple and from the world.

Husni Mahali, Turkish career journalist and former friend of Erdogan before the latter jailed him for simply criticizing Turkey's destructive role in Syria, draws a very dark picture awaiting the opposition parties and the opposition party leaders in Turkey for simply believing in 'democracy' which Erdogan disregards with the acquiescence of his western partners, hypocrite and war criminal madman Erdogan used the 'democracy' when it was in his favor and now is destroying its pillars after taking control of the judicial system, media, and the parliament, mostly by fraud as alleged by the opposition.

Mr. Mahali wrote the post in Arabic for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel and I translated it to English in this post: Erdogan’s Democracy… Tension in a Dangerous Direction!

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