Friday, October 15, 2021

US and Saudi's Proxy in Lebanon Commit a Massacre Killing 6 Civilians and Injuring 37 Others

A peaceful protest isn't something that the USA likes when the protesters are not asking the USA to bomb their country so they will get their freedoms, those protesters should be allowed to protest, destroy public properties, ask for help from foreign countries, but when the protesters are calling on the USA to stop interfering in their country then the US proxies shoot at them at will, this is exactly what happened in Beirut yesterday.

US Official F* Europe Nuland in Beirut, 6 Protesters Killed and 37 Injured

5 protesters were sniped in their heads and fell dead at the spot, a woman sitting in her house was also spotted by the snipers from the buildings opposite to her and got sniped by them, and 37 people on the streets were injured, the snipers not only used advanced sniping rifles, they even used machine guns and it took the Lebanese Army several hours besieging them until they ran out of munition.

The lady was a mother of 5, her only crime was living in a building on the wrong side of the sectarian-divided Beirut, it's the street where the first bus was attacked which started the 15 years Lebanese civil war back in 1975.

The shooters were known from the first bullet, their commander vowed to make a confrontation if the protesters would dare take to the streets to protest what they see injustice and a repeat to the special tribunal that was set to investigate and prosecute the killers of former Lebanese prime minister Hariri and ended up in a sham after so many years and billions of dollars spent on it, the tribunal jailed 4 top Lebanese officers on false charges and then released them and apologized to them, but the Lebanese did not forget, they don't want the blood of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion to be politicized like the blood of Rafic Hariri was.

While all the evidence is screaming for the Lebanese investigation judge about their presence, this judge decided to follow another string and go after Lebanese officials who would, if in very strict justice, be convicted of minor negligence in the case while the real criminals who brought in the explosives, stored it, smuggled part of it and handed it over to ISIS terrorists, blew up the rest killing 200 people and wounding thousands of others not to mention destroying the entire port and much of the Lebanese capital, those criminals are dancing but neglected by this judge, that's the purpose of the protest and that's what pushed the already convicted Geagea, the head of the so-called Lebanese Forces militia to attack these protesters to prevent them showing up of the truth.

More in this report: US Official F* Europe Nuland in Beirut, 6 Protesters Killed and 37 Injured.

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