Saturday, October 9, 2021

Israel Bombs Syria to Protect ISIS and to Drag the US Forces into a Regional War

Israel fearing the US imminent troops withdrawal from Syria and seeing its beloved ISIS terrorists defeated in Daraa in the southern region of Syria and the Syrian Army preparing to liberate Idlib, the last Al Qaeda stronghold, intervened directly and bombed a Syrian military airbase.

Israel Bombs T4 Airbase in Homs to Drag US Forces into a Regional War

The Israeli bombing was carried out from the Jordanian air space and the Israeli fighter jet fired their missiles from over the US illegal military base in Al Tanf, first, the Israeli fighter jets are using the US cover for firing their missiles, and also trying to provoke Syria's air defense missiles to chase them over those cannon fodders and hoping those missiles fall down over those sheep sent to a nowhere area in the Syrian - Iraqi - Jordanian joint borders.

6 Syrian army soldiers were injured in the attack, the Syrian air defense did manage to shoot down most of the incoming missiles, seems it was overwhelmed with the number of fired missiles, since Israel doesn't pay for the fighter jets, nor for the missiles, not even for the fuel it uses, therefore it has no issues carrying out multiple of such bombings and firing freely at the cost of the US taxpayers.

More about this latest aggression in this report: Israel Bombs T4 Airbase in Homs to Drag US Forces into a Regional War.

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