Thursday, October 28, 2021

ISIS Commits a New Massacre Killing 60 People in Iraq

As the US forces are forced to leave Iraq after the Iraqi Parliament's decision to expel them from the country for the heinous crime committed by Trump killing the Iranian General Qassim Soleimani and Iraqi PMU Deputy Commander Abu Mahdi Mohandes, the US needs a new reason to remain and just like in the 2014 withdrawal, reason pops its head up out of nowhere, a new ISIS massacre against dozens of innocent Iraqi villagers.

Breaking: US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Massacre 60 People in Diyala, Iraq

A herd of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists attacked a village northeast of Baghdad and slaughtered about 60 civilians, their only crime was they were Shia.

The massacre occurred late Tuesday 26 October night, many victims were still unaccounted for.

This latest crime against humanity is committed while entire Iraq is going through a political and economical turmoil no thanks to the negative US and British interference in the details of the Iraqi politics and administration, the Same US that goes mad if someone interferes in their elections or political system, even when they fake such allegations.

More in this report: Breaking: US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Massacre 60 People in Diyala, Iraq.

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