Saturday, October 2, 2021

Iran Challenges the Sanctions and Builds Two New Radar Systems

Iran living under constant threats from the USA because it has massive reserves of oil and gas and by Israel and its lackeys because it helps stop the 'one-eyed' 'Greater Israel Project' continues to build its military capabilities to defend itself challenging the US and EU sanctions.

While other countries collapse under such sanctions, the members of the Axis of Resistance' seem to thrive and become stronger, the axis that includes Iran, Syria, Hezb Allah, Yemen, the Iraqi PMU, and the resistance factions in Gaza, who faced individually and collectively massive war of terror, direct invasions, war of attrition, and economic warfare, not only withstood the aggression, they've become stronger proving true the saying: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

The latest additions to Iran's defense capabilities are its two indigenously built advanced radar systems, Darb Shams for simulation and training, and Hormuz Radar for tracking multiple targets on different altitudes and speeds.

Press TV which carried the report is one of the media outlets banned by the USA, the EU, and the Gulfies, the same parties cheering for freedom of speech only in the countries they target, sharing the report in case you can't access it.

More in this post: Iran Unveils its New Advanced Hormuz and Darb Shams Radar Systems.

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