Thursday, August 5, 2021

Increased Electricity Shortage in Syria Due to Biden Stealing Syrian Gas

The Syrian public electricity generating establishment said that the decreased shortage in deliveries of gas to the country's power generating stations has led to many of them go out of work leading to a severe shortage in the electricity supplied all over the country.

Biden Stealing Syrian Gas Causes Severe Shortage in Electricity Supplies

Biden forces occupy Syria's main oil and gas field to working on democratizing and spreading freedoms to these fields, a task that is taking much time and will cost dozens of US soldiers losing their lives before the Biden junta realizes it's a futile process.

Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists are helping the Biden forces occupy those gas fields cutting off the gas while Biden smuggles the stolen Syrian oil into Iraq.

The Biden junta recently realized the harm and suffering people go through when electrical power is cut off them after the Texas power outage, so they decided to escalate its implementation in Syria hoping to subdue the Syrian people after more than 10 years failing to achieve the same using terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurdish SDF, and the other Wahhabi suicide bombers.

More in this report: Biden Stealing Syrian Gas Causes Severe Shortage in Electricity Supplies.
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