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Erdogan Losing His Muslim Brotherhood Radical Regimes, Tunisia and Libya Next?

Erdogan, the Turkish madman, the political head of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical 'takfiri' group, and NATO's second strongest leader worked hard to establish a web of puppet regimes across the Islamic world, especially in the Arab countries infested by the US-led 'Arab Spring' colored revolutions, these puppet regimes consider the Turkish pariah as their undisputed caliph, he's been working on this project ever since George W. Bush tasked him to lead in the US plot dubbed the 'Greater Middle East', which is literally the same 'Greater Israel' project.'

After Egypt, will Erdogan lose Tunisia and then Libya?

Erdogan succeeded in the first test in Tunisia in northern Africa, the first Arabic country to be the 'cradle' of the 'Arab Spring', his radical stooges of the Ennahda political party were the only party organized and ready to take over once the hour zero is triggered. However, in Tunisia, the Ennahda did not directly assume power, they led from behind, they slowly took over the parliament and started installing their assets in the main public sector.

Second to fall was Egypt, the largest Arab country by population and Erdogan was flying high when his Muslim Brotherhood took over to the extent they had their president, they controlled the parliament, and they started infesting the main public sector including the army, the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi handpicked the new Minister of Defense Sisi to replace those high ranking officers who helped takeover from Mubarak.

Erdogan already controls Gaza through his Hamas group, nobody served Israel better than the current Hamas political bureau.

In Qatar, the gas station state and the source of all funding needed, Erdogan had it in his smallest pocket by converting the rulers of this tiny Persian Gulf state into his NATO-friendly Islam-enemy Muslim Brotherhood doctrine.

The biggest prize would have been Syria, after a huge success with Muslim Brotherhood fanatic groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the FSA along with hundreds of other smaller groups taking over large areas of lands starting with remote and border areas and marched toward Damascus, Erdogan started spewing his dream to the public: he wants to revive the most-hated by all nations the Ottoman Empire and he wants to be its new sultan.

He didn't stop there, with the abundance of money coming from Qatar, huge media, and political support from NATO, Israel, and the Gulfies, Erdogan's Muslim Brotherhood were gaining control in Morocco and Libya as well and were trying to revive their old groups in Algeria, he included Sudan as a bonus and sent thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists into southern Yemen. Let's not forget that ISIS was also threatening Baghdad and Erbil, the largest Iraqi cities at the same time.

When facing a roadblock in Syria and thanks only to the steadfastness and heroic resilience of the Syrian people, Syria was not broken and the world started to wake up to the reality of these terrorist groups after the shocking crimes and massacres were finally released to the international public opinion. In May 2013, the Lebanese Hezb Allah party entered the war in Syria against ISIS and Al Qaeda first in Qussayr near the borders with Lebanon where around 30,000 Lebanese live in villages within Syria, and to protect a number of shrines sacred by the Shia-ideologized party watching the terrorists of ISIS and the Free Syrian Army blowing the historical shrines in every place they infested.

By September 2015, Russia woke up to the imminent danger of Erdogan's terrorist groups and Putin realized that if he did not stop these terrorist groups in Syria, he will soon 'have to fight them on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg' as he explained several times later on.

Now the tide is turning back and Syria is reversing the Muslim Brotherhood domino effect, first in Egypt, after the Muslim Brotherhood President declared Jihad, a holy war against Syria, the Egyptian Army took over and his own handpicked minister of defense Sisi led a military coup and jailed all the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi, in addition to the obvious plot the MB was working on to sacrifice the Egyptian Army in an unwinnable fight against the Syrian Arab Army, had enough evidence of plots against Egypt's own national security, a phone recording was presented in which the MB President Morsi was discussing the plot with no other than his buddy in the Muslim Brotherhood organization Zawahiri, the head of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

An Egyptian intelligence general was asked on Egypt's TV why were they tapping the phone of their president he replied: we weren't, we were listening to the phone calls of the head of Al Qaeda when we heard Morsi calling him!

Losing Egypt and not winning Syria was very hard for Erdogan to accept so he declared Egypt as an enemy state, collected all the opposition figures who are against the Egyptian state in his country Turkey and played as Britain, a dumpster for traitors and outlawed opposition members who would resort to any method to harm their countries.

Another loss for Erdogan was in Libya when a general suddenly appeared called Haftar and started marching toward the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The Gulfies siege on their little sister Qatar was another danger that Erdogan made his country Turkey an enemy for all the most powerful Saudi and UAE in the Gulf Council. Erdogan sent up to 60,000 Turkish cannon fodder army personnel to protect the Qatari ruling family.

Sudan was not a real asset for Erdogan, his role there was limited to help divide the country into two parts and losing the southern Sudanese part to an enemy state for the northern Sudanese part, NATO's divide and conquer at work.

The waters became murky for the Erdogan men in Tunisia, their corruption scandals were getting exposed, their betrayal to their country and loyalty to Erdogan was not hidden anymore when the head of the Ennahda who also heads the Tunisian parliament paid a secret visit to Erdogan and pledged his allegiance to his Muslim Brotherhood boss, the visit was exposed, added to it the Ennahda failure in presenting any workable government during more than 10 years in absolute power in Tunisia, plus the pandemic setbacks, the assassinations of notables of the Tunisian political community, their refusal to pass a law incriminating the recognition of Israel, all the slogans they raised to assume power they worked against it.

Finally, and after riots started to go out of hand in Tunisia, the Tunisian president uses the only power left for him in the constitution and froze the Parliament controlled by Ennahda, fired the government also controlled by Ennahda even though the prime minister was the president's pick but he swiftly turned to what he thought was the more powerful party against his president, and Erdogan is furious afraid fo losing Tunisia which is almost a done deal.

Husni Mahali, a career Turkish journalist, a former close friend of Erdogan to the extent that Erdogan jailed him for merely criticizing his policies against Syria, Erdogan jails more of the people who helped him throughout his power climbing than of his enemies, Mr. Mahali wrote an analysis about the prospect of Erdogan losing Tunisia and maybe Libya afterward in an article for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news, I translated to English here: After Egypt, will Erdogan lose Tunisia and then Libya?

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