Tuesday, July 27, 2021

US Forces Steal Syrian Wheat and Russia Sends 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

While the most inclusive and diverse regime of the demented Biden continues to steal Syrian oil and wheat, the main food staple in the country, from the mouths of the Syrian people, Russia sent a cargo of humanitarian aid to the Syrian capital Damascus.

Russia Delegates Arrive in Syria, Bring 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid

The Russian cargo of 160 tons arrived yesterday at Damascus International Airport and comprised of essentials, medicine, and some other items. A Russian top delegation accompanied the aid vowed to stand by the Syrian people until the country is free from terrorism and the sponsors of terrorists, and to continue extending the economic help needed.

This comes at times the oil and food thieves of the White House junta increase their theft of Syrian oil and wheat from the main fields in northeastern Syria into neighboring Iraq where many testimonies confirmed seeing US helicopters drop supplies to ISIS terrorists in the Iraqi desert. Stolen Syrian oil sees its way through Turkey to Israel and the revenues are used to finance the terrorist operations of ISIS, the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists play an essential part in this.

More about the Russian aid in this report: Russia Delegates Arrive in Syria, Bring 160 Tons of Humanitarian Aid.

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