Saturday, July 10, 2021

US Congress Pressure the White House to Continue Regime Change in Syria!

In normal countries the elected members of the parliament are supposed to look after the welfare and well-being and the interest of their people, the people who voted them into office, except in the USA, the elected 'parliament' they call Congress, in its different chambers and committees. The 'Congress' in the USA looks after the interests of the 1%, not the 99% who elected them, and that's because of the lobbyists.

One of the kidnapped women by US-sponsored ISIS during the Sweida massacre in southern Syria
One of the kidnapped women by US-sponsored ISIS during the Sweida massacre in southern Syria

In the USA there are a number of lobbyists who make their living by facilitating 'legal bribes', and since bribes are criminal by nature, even if legalized by the system by the same beneficiaries of it, the outcome of its acts are not expected to be moral at all, here you can understand the US foreign policies which only advocates wars and aggression across the planet and make it appealing to their public they sugarcoat it with touchy slogans like: 'spreading democracy', 'upholding human rights', and 'fighting terror', to name a few that caused the massive manslaughter around the globe under their pretext.

What the Congress and their parrots do not tell the public is the means by which these slogans are carried out, ie: spreading democracy through manipulating the elections of the other countries, and when the outcome is not within their desired agenda the elimination of their opponents is the next way in 'promoting democracy', like assassinating a president in his house, or flying drones with the help of allies to assassinate the president, and so on.

Upholding human rights by bombing the humans they don't like and wiping out entire villages and towns, see, no more complaints about human rights by those wiped out, problem solved for the US Congress.

And fighting terror, here the Congress has set the rules of defining the terrorists they need to fight: Those defending their countries from the US-led invasions and aggression are terrorists, those who help the US-led invasions and aggressions and massacre people on the ground for the US, blow up civilians, and destroy the infrastructure of the targeted countries are 'freedom fighters', logically as George Carlin once put it: they fight freedom, the US mainstream media and their relays around the world tell they fight for freedoms, the 'for' was taken out to maintain the rhythm.

If you can grasp the above you'll easily understand the hysteria amongst the representatives of the US citizens to destroy Syria, or what's left of it, the hysteria among those elected to office by the US public, most of which are the dutiful taxpayers and few evade paying taxes because they have too much money.

Lobbyists for the Military Industrial Complex who produce the weapons needed to kill other populations, the weapons and munition must be used in order to manufacture more of them to create jobs in the USA. Lobbyists for the Zionism cult, an anti-religious doctrine created to expedite the emergence of the Antichrist, which is why all the US intervention in the MENA region on behalf of Israel, costing the US taxpayers 7 trillion dollars as per Donald Trump, is not worthy to be mentioned as long as they achieve their goal, remember the "price is worth it" infamous quote by Albright? And of course, byproducts like the lobbyists for the oil, how to fuel all those killing machines if you can't access cheaper and stolen oil? Among other lobbyists.

Prominent political analyst Miri Wood walks you through the latest push by the US Congress to continue the Regime Change policy in Syria in her latest article: Congress Supremacists Remind White House of Regime Change Doctrine in Syria.

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