Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The New Israeli Regime Bombs Syrian Army Munition Factories in Southern Aleppo

The new Israeli regime is competing with the crimes of its predecessor Netanyahu to gain the support of the anti-Jewish Zionist Israeli radical settlers by increasing the attacks against the Palestinians in the Al Quds and late last night by bombing a factory compound for the Syrian Army in southern Aleppo.

Breaking: Israel Bombs Al Safirah Region in Southern Aleppo Countryside

Just before midnight, the Syrian news agency SANA reported an Israeli bombing targeting Al Safirah region in southeast Aleppo, the region contains some of the Syrian army's munition factories.

No casualties were reported and the Syrian army is inspecting the site targeted.

This is seen by almost all analysts as the last desperate attempts by the Israelis to halt the US military withdrawal from the region, the US military is only in the region to protect Israel and has waged all its wars in the region on behalf of Israel, the Biden junta's determination on withdrawing most of its military presence from the region to focus on combating China, as they claim, leaves Israel without its cannon fodders sacrificing their lives so the European imported radical anti-Jewish Zionist settlers can live on stolen Arab land whether in Palestine or the Syrian Golan.

More about this latest aggression in this report: Breaking: Israel Bombs Al Safirah Region in Southern Aleppo Countryside - video included.

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