Sunday, July 4, 2021

Israeli Cargo Ship Caught Fire, Possible Retaliation for their Bombing Iranian Vaccine Facility

An Israeli cargo ship caught fire in the Indian Ocean yesterday, Saturday 03 July, after being hit by an unknown weapon, multiple reports confirmed; some are suggesting this could be an Iranian retaliation for a 10 days earlier Israeli attack against an Iranian facility producing their local COVID 19 vaccine.

Israel Targets Iranian Vaccine Facility; Somebody Bombs Israeli Cargo Ship!

There were no casualties on the Israeli ship which carries the name 'CSAV Tyndall', Israeli media are saying 'Iran is careful nobody gets hurt in their attacks' and is 'only sending messages to the Israelis', maybe because nobody was hurt in the Israeli bombing of the vaccine facility, actually, the Israelis hit another building adjacent to the facility by mistake.

There's no admission by either side for the two incidents, yet, the Israelis are trying to implicate the US military in their wars especially after the Pentagon has decided to focus on fighting Iran instead of fighting more wars for Israel, it has done more than enough for the anti-Jewish state and that has cost the US dearly in all means.

More in this report: Israel Targets Iranian Vaccine Facility; Somebody Bombs Israeli Cargo Ship!

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