Thursday, July 22, 2021

Israel Itching for a Regional War before the US Army Withdrawal, Attacks Syria, Again

Israel is escalating its attacks against the Palestinians in Al Quds - Jerusalem, tightening the blockade on Gaza, two things it vowed not to do in exchange for a ceasefire back in May, and now bombing in Syria twice within less than 48 hours from across the borders.

Israel Bombs in Homs Province, the Second Aggression in 48 Hours

Obviously, there are no strategic targets the Israelis are bombing in Syria, if the Israelis do attack a strategic target we won't be writing about the Israelis aggression, rather we won't have time to write about the thousands of missiles falling over the Israeli settlers and their strategic targets in response, the Syrian armed forces already have a mandate to retaliate without obtaining approval from their leadership in case any strategic target is bombed by whoever, Israel or the entire NATO.

On the other hand, Israel and the USA have an agreement called 'no surprises', which means that Israel will not carry out any aggression without informing and getting the blessing of the USA, this goes against the policy of the Biden's junta of withdrawing the US troops from the region, the Pentagon decision-makers know that they have thousands of their troops as sitting ducks and they'll be the first to get fried in a coming regional battle in which they get involved directly or through their Israel.

These attacks are desperate messages from the Israeli new cabinet to restore some of the morale it lost over the past 2 decades, the new cabinet, a weird collection of parties that differ on everything and only agree on keeping their predecessor Netanyahu out, the war criminal and corrupt freak.

Israel received a humiliating defeat in its aggression against Gaza a couple of months ago, it received a series of setbacks by Hezb Allah ever since it was forced by the Hezb to withdraw from southern Lebanon, and despite the hundreds of billions of dollars each of the US, the EU, the Gulfies spent to destroy Syria over the past decade and divide it into small emirates following NATO, the Syrian state not only withstood the global war on it, it's gaining power and has tipped the world order's balance by bringing back Russia from the weak to be a superpower again, China from focusing on its domestic affairs to the international stage both challenging the US hegemony, and even Iran propped it up from a country defending its own borders to the regional superpower stretching influence all over the region.

More about this latest Israeli aggression in this report: Israel Bombs in Homs Province, the Second Aggression in 48 Hours.

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