Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Biden Forces Bomb Syria and Iraq Get Bombed Back in Syria, Waiting for Iraq

US forces protecting ISIS and the Kurdish SDF terrorists and stealing the Syrian oil in the Al Omar oil field came under rocket attack yesterday evening 18 hours after Biden forces bombed buildings across the Syrian - Iraqi borders killing a Syrian child in Syria and 4 PMU soldiers in Iraq.

Biden Forces in Al Omar Oil Field Get Bombed Back by the Resistance

The Pentagon claimed there were no casualties in yesterday evening's attack despite the fire was raging through the compound all night, the same Pentagon that once claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Gaddafi is killing his people, Assad is bombing his people with chemical weapons that's why they re-elected him in their vast majority... In other words, the Pentagon is not that reliable as a source of information with its record.

Resistance forces bombing the US oil thieves in the Al Omar oil field, the largest in Syria, is part of the retaliation taken care of on Syrian side, the resistance fighters of the PMU, Popular Mobilization Units who defeated ISIS in Iraq, vowed to retaliate for their martyrs killed by Biden while guarding the borders against ISIS.

Biden was supposed to withdraw Trump oil thieves forces from the region, his 'most inclusive and diverse' junta proved nothing less than a rainbow-colored copy of the orange man who was also a copy of his predecessor who was the black copy of his predecessor and so on. When it comes to wars for Israel, all US regimes follow the same orders.

More in this report: Biden Forces in Al Omar Oil Field Get Bombed Back by the Resistance - video included.

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