Friday, May 14, 2021

The Regime of Joe Biden Continues Beefing Up Troops in Syria to Steal Syrian Oil

Trump didn't leave and Biden came in his place, they are just clowns acting as veneers for the real junta deciding the policies of the United States, including the foreign policies of the country and its allies.

Biden forces beef up troops in Hasakah northeast Syria

When President Assad was asked about the US presidential election he said: 'in the USA there's no president, there's a CEO who executes the board's agenda, the board is comprised of the lobbyists for the large corporations including bankers, the Military-Industrial Complex, the drugs, food, and oil among others.'

Biden is proving just that in Syria, the most 'inclusive and diverse regime' in the USA are beefing up their forces illegally deployed in Syria to continue stealing Syrian oil and wheat, and now water, smuggling it into Iraq and via Turkey to Israel.

Local sources spotted a new column of 55 trucks and armored vehicles entering Syria from Iraq illegally and heading toward also an illegal military base run by the Biden forces and guarded by their Kurdish SDF proxies in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria.

Details in this report: The Biden Junta Continues Beefing Up their Forces in Northeast Syria.

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