Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Israel Bombs Syrian Coastal Village Kills Civilian and Injures Child

In its continuous war crimes, the anti-Jewish regime of Zionist radical imported settlers with the cooperation, coordination, and full protection from their servants in the US's most inclusive and diverse junta of Joseph Biden carried out a new bombing against Syria, this time from the sea side targeting multiple areas.

Israeli aggression against sites in Latakia, Syria

This latest Israeli aggression killed a civilian, injured 6 others including a child, and caused material damage, especially destroying a plastic materials warehouse the victims were rushed to the nearby hospital for treatment.

It's been 13 days since the previous Israeli aggression which was against targets north of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The Israelis are taking advantage of the full protection provided to them by the United States of America and its NATO buddies whose citizens also pay for the missiles and fuel the Israeli fighter jets use in their war crimes, the US and European taxpayers even pay for the fighter jets itself and other killing machines used by the Israelis in the current century's crusade to build a temple for the antichrist where they will be literally serving the devil in order to expedite the return of Jesus Christ, a belief that only insane and brainwashed devoted stupid people would do, yet they're doing it for the past 114 years.

Details of this latest Israeli bombing and the inaction by the Russian military stationed nearby in this report: Israeli Bombing Latakia Kills a Civilian Injures Six Others including a Child.

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