Thursday, April 15, 2021

The World's Top Chemical Weapons Watchdog OPCW Relies on, Al Qaeda..!

When the United Nations Security Council drops its main purpose in existence which is to preserve peace and security around the world no thanks to the NATO member states in it never forgetting their colonial era, its organizations go corrupt to unimaginable degrees, one of them elects Saudi Arabia to head the Human Rights Council, another, the OPCW relies on Al Qaeda for its most sensitive scientific evidence collecting technique.!

The OPCW: Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the intergovernmental watchdog group which has the responsibility to fulfill the tenets of the CWC, was called upon by the Syrian government to investigate a chemical attack against the Syrian troops in the town of Khan Al Asal in 2013, the NATO-controlled UNSC would not allow its fact-finding mission to travel to the country until after 4 months and coincidentally on the day they arrived in Damascus and at the exact minutes they were getting in their cars at their hotel to head to Aleppo, they receive a phone call from the Secretary-General of the UN to head instead to Damascus countryside where another incident of using chemical weapons occurred.

UNSC OPCW provided samples by Al Qaeda White Helmets in Syria

The ludicrous part is when Syria asked help from the OPCW to investigate the use of chemical weapons in the Aleppo incident, the OPCW and the UN put a condition on the Syrian government that it would only determine whether an attack has happened but would not tell who did it, nevertheless, the Syrian government accepted that term as 19 Syrian soldiers were killed in that particular attack, but when the successive investigation teams went to Syria they were mandated to determine who committed the attacks but they were selected carefully by NATO member representatives at the OPCW.

Furthermore, when all evidence in the alleged Douma incident suggested it was a false flag and no chemical weapons were used, the report of the OPCW's own team was dismissed and a new one was issued by its admins to the dismay of its crew on the ground who protested in UNSC meetings but to no avail.

Now, the same OPCW issues a new report accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against terrorists in a site in Saraqib, Idlib southern countryside where the battle was already won and where the Syrian troops would enter the same site shortly after without any protective gears from chemical pollution and aired live on TVs and social media! You have to believe such lies because the bigger the lie the louder the noises that come from its narrators, and the most ridiculous part of this claim by the OPCW is that it couldn't send its team to collect samples on the ground it had to rely on 'open source' that includes, you guessed, Al Qaeda terrorists through Turkey, Al Qaeda's main sponsor and Syria's main enemy in the current US-led war on Syria. There's not even any chain of custody for the evidence collected by Al Qaeda and submitted to the OPCW!

Miri Wood walks us through this latest episode of NATO anti-Syria propaganda in her latest report for Syria News: OPCW IIT Spews New Attack on Syria, Doubles FFM Propaganda about Saraqib.

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