Thursday, April 8, 2021

Loose War Criminal Israeli Netanyahu Bombs Outskirts of Damascus, Again

 For the 6th time this year and despite the warnings by Russia, the Israeli Netanyahu sees no other way to maintain himself in power to avoid prison for his multiple corruption charges, and to keep his unsustainable entity alive as much as he can, he bombs around and calling for escalations and a regional war if he can, such a war that would drag the US forces to fight on the behalf of the Israelis, until the last US soldier in the region.

Israel bombing against Damascus from over the Golan and Lebanon

The latest aggression was moments before 1 a.m., as always in the dense of the night, and as usual from across the Lebanese airspace. The Israeli bombing targeted a Syrian army's post outside the Syrian capital Damascus, 4 Syrian soldiers injured and material damage was caused by the bombing, a Syrian military spokesperson confirmed.

This comes just a couple of days after Israel sabotaged an Iranian logistics ship in the Red Sea calling on Iran to retaliate and thus keeping the US troops in the region against the wills of the White House Biden's junta who wants all powers to challenge China before the USA and its corporations lose their global hegemony to the rising global power China.

More in this report: Israel Bombing the Outskirts of Damascus from Over Lebanon, Again.

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