Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Israel Instigating a Regional War to Keep US Troops Deployed in the Middle East

With the decaying powers of the empire and the rise of the pressing economical threats from the east, China, and the military threat from Russia, the need to reprioritize its troops deployed in other areas are seriously considered by the Pentagon officials, Israel is not happy.

Israel bombs central Syria from over Lebanon

US officials cannot say no to Israel, it decides who rules in the USA and who writes its legislations no thanks to the Zionist lobby groups controlling the financial, military, media, and almost all sectors of the US veins, but they can only give what they have and what they can borrow, and also what they can force others to give to Israel, they cannot keep this going when they themselves start feeling the heat under them, but unless Israel sucks the last penny and the last drop of blood out of the USA they will remain feeling insecure.

In the above context we understand the constant bullying and attacking countries all over the region and beyond looking for a reaction that will drag the USA into a new war for Israel, why sacrifice their foreign imported radical settlers when they can sacrifice others?!

Yesterday night while the whole world is feeling sorry for the suffering of the Syrian people marking its 10th anniversary, including those who caused the suffering in the first place and continuing to do so, they're feeling sorry for all the investments they lost and couldn't achieve their goals in Syria, Israel carried out new cross borders bombing against targets in the southern Damascus countryside.

Details in this report: Israel Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Failed NATO Spring: Bombs Damascus.

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