Monday, March 1, 2021

Israel / Biden Commit a New Aggression against Syria Late at Night

The US lapdog aka Israel committed a new bombing yesterday night against the Syrian capital Damascus, with the 'colorful', 'diverse', and 'inclusive' regime of Joseph Biden's approval if not at its request.

Israel bombing southern Damascus 28 Feb 2021

As always, the Israelis claim their attacks against all their neighbors and against the people of Palestine who they occupy their land as in 'self-defense', this won't be any different from that Orwellian propaganda.

The sites targeted are not clear yet, the location targeted is in the southern suburbs of Damascus, populated as you can see in the videos loaded by the residents.

Syrian air defense units shot down most of the missiles fired by the European illegal settlers in the occupied Syrian Golan.

More in this report: Israel Follows Biden War Crimes by Bombing Syria Again.

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