Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Morally Bankrupt the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF Resort to Kidnapping

Besieging two of the major cities in northeast Syria is not enough war crime for the regime of Joseph Biden, and his predecessors, its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have to now start kidnapping civilians, officials, women, and children, and even from medical clinics just like their brethren in the Israeli IDF and ISIS.

Kurdish SDF YPG armed groups north Syria - Hasakah Deir Ezzor Raqqa Aleppo

Herds of heavily armed Kurdish terrorists of the so-called SDF kidnapped a local official of the Baath Party, the party with the majority of seats in the Syrian parliament, they snatched him from a doctor's office in Hasakah and his whereabouts are unknown until now.

This comes as the siege on both Hasakah and Qamishli cities is tightening up by the US stooges for the 21st day now, the cities ran out of flour for baking, drinking water, food, and medicine, and that was last week already. They've already shot dead 2 Syrians protesting the inhumane siege and injured many more, while the hypocrite western countries are silent like the people of the graves about these crimes against humanity, it helps their agenda so no flooding of the United Nations headquarters with their crocodile tears over the suffering of the Syrian people.

This is the new face of the US Lobbycracy after the ugly face of Donald Trump we have the ugly faces of the most diverse regime so far in the USA, they will also diversify their war crimes.

More in this report: SDF Terrorists Kidnap Baath Party Leader from Doctor’s Office.

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