Monday, February 15, 2021

A Blooded Happy Valentine's Night from Israel to Syria

A new pre-dawn Israeli aggression against several locations in the southern region of Damascus, this was how the last apartheid regime in the world sends their messages to Syria, the cradle of civilization and the last standing secular nation in the region and far beyond.

Israel bombs the outskirts of Damascus 15 February 2021

A barrage of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan at 1:18 am, the 3rd aggression of such since Biden's 'diverse' regime took over in Washington, the previous aggression the Biden forces were overtly a part of it.

No condemnation from the "protectors of Navalny's human rights" in the western world this time nor for any of the previous times, on the contrary, those Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, and some others, under their US leaders always trying to condemn the victims, the Syrian people and increase their suffering by tightening the sanctions against the Syrian people and supporting terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian people in order to 'promote freedoms and help the Syrians achieve democracy, the Capitol attack style.'

Soon enough we will hear the voices of the western hypocrites, but not against Israel, they'll start screaming against Syria when it finally starts retaliating against their beloved apartheid regime.

More in this report: Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus in a New pre-Dawn Aggression.

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