Friday, January 8, 2021

Kurdish SDF Committing a New War Crime in Qamishli, Northeastern Syria

NATO beloved Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups are besieging two districts in the northern Syrian city of Qamishli for the 5th day now with the help of Trump forces.

Kurdish SDF armed groups north Syria - US Army
Kurdish SDF separatists serve their US patrons in stealing Syrian land and Syrian resources.

The siege placed on the Al-Tai and Halko districts blocks the deliveries of food to over 1300 houses in these two districts where thousands of Syrian families live.

The separatists kidnap any person trying to bring food in or trying to leave these besieged districts, the situation is turning dire by the hour, locals from the besieged districts were complaining.

Terrorists working for the United States and its NATO stooges resorted to this war crime from the early days of the US-led war of terror waged against the Syrian people, some villages like Nubbol and Zahraa and most of Eastern Aleppo districts were besieged for more than 3 years before the Syrian armed forces and their allies managed to defeat the armies of NATO terrorists and expel tens of thousands of them outside these areas. The entire city of Deir Ezzor with its 120,000 inhabitants was also besieged by ISIS for a similar period and the Syrian army was dropping food by helicopters to them.

This latest siege is ongoing with the full protection of the forces of the demonic outgoing Donald Trump.

Details in this report: US-Sponsored Kurdish SDF Besiege 2 Districts in Qamishli for the 5th Day. 

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