Saturday, January 16, 2021

Iranian Navy Surrounds a US Submarine and Force it to Flee

Iranian navy spotted a foreign submarine trying to spy on their military exercise, surrounded it, issued a strong warning to the submarine's crew and forced it to leave the area, that was the first statement by the Iranian army on Thursday.

Iran navy drill in Gulf of Oman - IRGC

The second statement by the Iranian army confirmed it was a US submarine trying to peak on the Iranian navy drill.

One of the largest drills carried out by the Iranian armed forces to counter the non-stop threats and attempts of destabilizing by the United States of America and its cronies, it lasted 2 days and witnessed a number of achievements.

The largest Iranian navy ship is released to the sea, it is part of a new project to establish a navy base in the Indian Ocean, a bold move by the Iranian army.

Firing long-range ballistic missiles reaching targets at 1,800 kilometers away and striking the targets with precision.

Involving a number of armed forces units in the drill and successfully coordinating the attack.

Iranian top commander said that the Iranian armed forces can wipe out the US forces in the region within a radius of 2000 kilometers within a moment.

More in this report: US Submarine Surrounded by Iranian Navy and Forced to Flee Drill’s Site.

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