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Why Russia, Iran, and Syria Do Not Develop like Countries in the West?

The world is segmented into the First World, the Second World, and the Third World, all the countries in the west are considered of the First World, all the countries that oppose in the US camp in the West are considered as Second countries, and all the countries that chose not to be aligned are called the Third World; by time and with constant bombarding by the western propaganda machines aka mainstream media, the concept of the First World became to mean the advanced countries, the Second World countries almost diminished, and all the rest of the world's countries have been considered as developing, under-developed, or poor countries, that much you've been fooled.

A member of the Quora Q & A wiki social media platform asked a question in the above regard and I'm sharing here my answer to his question there.

The following is the full copy of my reply to the above question, I do so to preserve my answers because of Quora's heavy censorship, and to share the info with the readers of this platform:

Q: Could countries like Russia, Syria and Iran be richer than they are right now? What is their Second World status due to?
Obviously, the concept needs to be fixed and some facts need to be shared, it's there but it's not shown.

My reply on Quora:

Adding to the answer by Michael Wardell (quoted in the above intro), countries like Russia, Iran, and even Syria, are much richer than countries like the USA, for instance. The main factor is in calculating the real riches they own compared to their population and budget spending, not to forget the public debt.

The problem for these countries is they have to actually do the fight against US-led constant interferences in the shapes of direct military intervention, black ops, destabilization work, and sanctions led by the USA and imposed by most of the countries in the US’s pockets.

The USA, unfortunately, have chosen to destroy other countries instead of enhancing its own, to kill the people of other countries and make them suffer instead of improving the wellbeing of its own; if any country outside of the world decides to harm the USA in a similar manner and even to the tiniest fraction of percentage of what the US does to them, trust me the US economy will crumble, especially that a good percentage of it is a ‘virtual economy’.

Here’s a hint: One single fake tweet wipes out 136 billion of the Dow Jones index in a matter of seconds:

What kind of economy is this? Do Note that the 3 countries mentioned went through foreign-inflicted hellish times and yet they sustained and even developed under the siege and at the same time of fighting against US-led terror.

Another example is the 9/11 self-inflicted attacks, this is not a conspiracy theory when it is established by the US top officials that they created Al Qaeda. I remember on that day of the 9th of September 2001 and the couple of days that followed banks and money exchanges around the world stopped accepting US dollars, and those accepting it were offering down to 60% of its value just before the attacks and accepting only limited amounts.

The USA has massive resources and has stolen massive resources from almost every other country in the world, directly and indirectly in all methods, yet, the USA has the highest level of people surviving meal to meal on food stamps, the highest percentage of incarceration in the world, and a very number of homeless people.

While at the same time, having the highest budget spending on wars to the extent that the US spending on wars and aggression (they call it defense although no foreign power threatening to invade the USA) is 16 times that of Russia’s spending on its defense.

Yet, the Russian weaponry is superior to that of the US when tested on the battlefields, ask the Saudis about that.

The US spending on ‘defense’ is more than the total spending for the next 10 countries combined:

And remember that Russia is the largest country in the world, it’s literally the size of 2 USAs combined.

The US spending on its war machines around the world has the purpose of continuing its flow of income from wealth stolen from other countries it invaded and established its military bases in and to divert the attention of its own people from the worsening economy it has.

Syria is fighting against a war led by the world’s superpowers and the super-rich for the past 10 years and yet it still boasts an almost debt-free budget, it has untapped reserves in gas off its coast in the eastern Mediterranean and to the north of Damascus estimated to be more than what Iran and Qatar together have. It also has more oil than its population needs but now most of the operating oil fields are occupied by the USA and its affiliates and protected armed groups.

Prior to the war waged against the country, Syria had at least 3 times its annual consumption of wheat stored, the main source of food of the country, all GMO-free, which means it’s normal and natural food. In Syria, all essentials are subsidized to the largest percentage at least in the region, even until today. The cost of living in Syria is 5 times less than the cost of living in the cheapest neighboring country, think about that.

Iran has developed, under siege, an economy that is resilient to sanctions and less dependant on oil and gas, its economy now is suffering from the ‘pandemic’ measures and consequences, not from the sanctions or bad conduct; we’ve seen the economies of ‘1st world’ countries suffer more.

So, those countries Russia, Iran, and Syria are much richer than the USA, proportionally, if you think about it, and they’re all heading towards achieving their set goals. And did I mention that these countries have ditched the US dollar for gold? Like real gold and not what the US stores and tried to send to China when the latter asked for part of its gold deposited in the USA.

End of my reply.

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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