Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Israel Bombs Southern Syria at Early Dawn Trying to Trigger a Regional War

Israel bombed Syrian Army military targets in the southern region of Syria from the Syrian occupied Golan, the bombing resulted in killing 3 SAA soldiers, injuring one more, and in material damage.

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Netanyahu of Israel is facing a number of pressing issues the least of which is a jail sentence looming over his head for multiple corruption cases, an ailing economy despite the massive grants by the US taxpayers, in addition to the very low ratings among his settlers.

A regional war will help him divert the attention from all his trouble, it would also help his embattled buddy Trump across the planet who lost the elections and refusing to concede to also divert attention from his problems.

It's no coincidence this latest Israeli aggression comes in less than 24 hours of Trump and his Pentagon's announcement of reducing the number of the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan to 2,500 in each, Israel uses these troops as cannon fodders used to work for its expansionist agenda, instead of using its own men to fight its wars, after all, why not using the willful servants ready to die for you for cheap?

Details of this latest Israel aggression against Syria in this report, story developing: Breaking: Israel Bombs Southern Syria Killing 3 Syrian Army Soldiers.

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