Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Biden Won, Vaccine Announced; Biden Enters White House, Normal Life Restored - Coincidences?

One thing I learned throughout my observations of political events during my lifetime is one constant thing: There are no coincidences in politics, despite the efforts done to make them look as such.

Naram Serjoon is a pen name of a career Syrian strategic analytic who predicted most of the main events in Syria to a large extent of details, sometimes, he adds a historical perspective to what I learned and brings stunning examples from not that distant history and applies it to what will happen next, he just asks a number questions about some of those 'coincidences', I'll copy them here and you can go through the post I translated to English on my site for further insight, link below:

Is it a coincident that the virus's vaccine is announced just two days after Biden's victory and securing the ousting of Trump?

What is this coincidence between the Balfour Declaration and the defeat of Germany on the same date?

What is this coincidence between the arrival of the Islamists and Erdogan to power and the arrival of the Islamist wave led by NATO Turkey to the Middle East?

What is the coincidence between Kennedy’s assassination and his powerful statements that preceded it about the profound forces and capital that govern America and control its decision, which must be curbed.

And few other 'coincidences' to reach to predicting Biden's next wars for the Military-Industrial Complex: Holes in the History Wall Tales, Biden Horses Snicker in Washington.

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