Monday, September 7, 2020

Three Attacks on Separatist Kurdish Militia North Syria in One Day

Saturday was not a good day for the US-sponsored separatist Kurdish armed militia known as SDF, they were ambushed in three locations and sustained numerous casualties.
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The attackers are unknown, the separatist Kurds have created new enemies for themselves among the vast majority of the Syrian people, in addition to their existing enemies in the Turkish regime and the al-Qaeda affiliated groups operating under the command of the Turkish madman Erdogan.
There's not much information released by the Kurds about their casualties, they mentioned only the towns where it occurred this Saturday and that one of their headquarters came under fire, and some of their vehicles were attacked by unknown.
The separatist Kurds want to create a new Israeli for them on large territories of the Syrian northern regions where their grandfathers came in small numbers as refugees fleeing the Ottoman persecution and seeking food, they originate from the Qandil mountains north of Iraq.

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