Tuesday, September 1, 2020

New Israeli Bombing of a Syrian Military Site South of Damascus

On the same day Israel sent its 'Peace Plane' to the UAE, and on the same evening the President of France, a UNSC permanent member state responsible for 'peace and security' around the world, Israel decides to bomb a Syrian military site south of the Syrian capital Damascus which also happened just days after Russia and Israel renewed their 'coordination over Syria' agreement.

The Israeli planes - which are made by the USA, maintained by the USA, loaded with US weapons, and finally gifted to Israel - came from over the Syrian occupied by Israel Golan.
Most of the incoming missiles were intercepted, however, overwhelmed by the fired missiles two of the missiles did hit the base and kill two Syrian Army soldiers and injured 7 others.
When Syria starts retaliating remember all these attacks and the fact that Israel occupies Syrian land under the US protection, at that time do not cry for the innocent 'European Jews' or fake Semites being threatened by a neighboring country.
More in this report: Israel Bombs Syria: Two Soldiers Martyred; 7 Injured (video included).

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