Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Trump Forces Killed a Syrian Soldier and Injured Two Others Northeast of Syria

Trump forces operating illegally northeast of Syria to steal the Syrian oil killed a Syrian soldier and injured two of his colleagues in a deliberate attack after the Syrian Army checkpoint stopped them from stealing Syrian oil.
US Troops in Syria Illegally.jpg
Oil thieves from US military operating illegally in Syria
The incident happened yesterday morning when a patrol of Trump forces (aka in the USA as the US military) tried to enter an area where the Syrian army operates against ISIS terrorists. The patrol was blocked from moving further and armed members of Trump forces started shooting in the air. The Trump forces patrol retreated and within 30 minutes helicopters working for the Syrian oil thief Donald Trump attacked the SAA military checkpoint killing one soldier on Syrian land and injured two others.
This is an unprecedented escalation by the illegals in the country following a series of provocations including the one when Trump forces operating in the southeast of the Syrian deserts tried to down an Iranian civilian passenger plane en route to Beirut.

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