Wednesday, August 5, 2020

More Videos Show the Massive Power of Yesterday's Beirut Port Explosion

A collection of video clips from different locations and through different angles of yesterday's massive explosion that destroyed the Lebanese main seaport and devastated the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The Beirut Port is no longer in service, fires are still not extinguished at the sea, casualties have crossed 73 deaths and 3000 injured. The casualties were from a radius of 5 kilometers and beyond. Dozens of people are still under the rubble.
Many countries offered to help Lebanon, notably Syria and Iran, despite the hardship both countries are going through, especially Syria still fighting back the world's most heinous War of Terror waged against it for more than 9.5 years already and topped up with inhumane sanctions by the same USA and its European cronies.
Details known so far about the explosion can be found in this report: Beirut Explosion Video from More Angles, Dozens Still Missing, Beirut Devastated

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