Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Madman Erdogan Killed Three Iraqi Border Security Personnel in Northern Iraq

Turkish Madman Erdonag killed three Iraqi border control personnel, two officers and a driver with a drone that bombed their vehicle on Iraqi territories.

Iraq Border Control Brigadier Zubair killed by Turkey Erdogan Drone - Archive Photo

One of the slain officers was Brigadier Zubair, a prominent commander of Iraq's border control in the northern region. The officers were heading to a meeting with Kurdish PKK representatives to solve border region security, the meeting was coordinated with Erdogan's security who treacherously sent one of his son-in-law Israeli designed drones to bomb the brigadier's car.
Another crime added to the long series of crimes in the region to revive his most-hated Ottoman empire and fulfill his 'leading role in the Greater Israel project' as assigned by George W. Bush, in his own words.
More about the killing of the Iraqi border security in this report: Erdogan Killed Two Iraqi Officers and a Soldier in a Drone Bombing.

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