Sunday, August 2, 2020

Iranian Security Arrest Jamshid Sharmhad Leader of US-sponsored Tondar Terrorist Group

Jamshid Sharmhad was based and operating out of his office in the USA, he used to brag that his office is in the same building of the FBI HQ.

Sharmhad was lured by the Iranian security agents back into the country disguising as opposition figures wanting to carry out a terrorist attack and was arrested once he was in the country.
One of the major crimes he was personally behind planning and directing was a terrorist attack against a religious congregation in the city of Shiraz south of Iran, the attack killed 14 civilians and wounded 215 more.
Just imagine how rabid the US officials, and also officials in other countries in the US camp, whenever they claim they have a doubt there's an Iranian who might be plotting against their 'interests' somewhere in the world, now think of this person and his group operating out of the USA against Iran with US funding and full sponsorship and this is considered a dove terrorist group compared with the more notorious MEK that was even responsible for killing over a dozen US troops in Iran during the time of the former ousted Shah of Iran.

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