Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Russia Blocks NATO Resolution at UNSC for Free Flow of Logistics for Al Qaeda

The same NATO member states that have described the province of Idlib as al-Qaeda's last stronghold in Syria are the same ones who tried to pass a new United Nations Security Council resolution to allow the continuation of the flow of logistics needed by Al Qaeda terrorists to keep its grip on the province of Idlib!

Russia Blocks NATO Resolution at UNSC for Free Flow of Logistics for Al Qaeda

Luckily, Russia and China both enjoy the veto power at the UNSC and both of them blocked this latest stunt.

It's not a problem for those criminal hypocrites in the west that up to 3 million Syrians living in Idlib and its countryside towns are literally living under organizations they describe as terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS, Turkestan Islamist Party, et al. Remember the infamous bloodthirsty war criminal who said about half a million of Iraqi babies died of starvation: 'The price is worth it'?

The longer the crisis in Syria is the more money they make and the more they weaken the last secular country in the region to allow the creation of new sectarian and religious cantons that pledge allegiance to their Greater Israel Project. These anti-Christian Evangelicals fanatics in the USA follow a religion that believes if they establish a huge state for the Jews over as much land as they can grab from the Semite people of the Levant their Messiah will rise. What they don't tell their followers is that their Messiah is the Anti-Christ, the Dajjal, and God will send Jesus to kill him in the upcoming Armageddon because the antichrist and his soldiers were oppressing the real Semite of the Levant. As simple as that.

The United Nations is just one of those vessels those in control of NATO use to achieve their goals, if the UN or any of its agencies do not follow their instructions or do not work up to the tasks they want from it they defund it, withdraw from it, hinder its operations, circumvent its mandates, and so on. We saw what Trump did to the UNICEF and the WHO recently.

The latest resolution NATO member states tried to pass is just one of those tasks the organization was supposed to pass for them, and after they failed to get the resolution passed due to the Russian and Chinese double veto, Trump's ambassador said: 'The US will circumvent the UN Charter and will continue to supply Al-Qaeda with all its needs to continue oppressing Syrians', or however she put it, her statement is embedded in the below link.

Earlier, the same Trump ambassador to the UN threatened: 'If Russia blocks the free flow of logistics to Al Qaeda in Idlib we will spread COVID there and mass graves will be seen', for the record she did add the word: 'sadly' in her threats.

More about this in this report update: Russia Vetoed UNSC Draft for Al-Qaeda Free Logistics Flow into Syria.

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