Sunday, July 26, 2020

Outbreak of COVID-19 Positive Cases in Syria

The Syrian Ministry of Health stated that 627 are the total number of positive COVID-19 cases since the tests commenced early March this year, 36 have died while having the virus, and 191 have recovered, as per the ministry's statement yesterday.

This is considered an outbreak compared with the country's numbers not compared with the global numbers or even the neighboring countries which are facing a much higher increase.
The Syrian people are already suffering from the prolonged War of terror waged against them by the USA and its camp for already more than double the time the WWII lasted, added to it the Economic Terrorism by the USA and the EU through illegal and inhumane sanctions imposed on up to 18 million Syrians living in government-controlled provinces, those sanctions exempt areas under the control of al-Qaeda, that much humanitarian are the western leaders.
Syria, which was self-sufficient in most aspects of life and provided free healthcare to all residents of the country, citizens and millions of refugees from countries invaded or destroyed by NATO and Israel, is suffering massive shortages in medicine and healthcare equipment due to the western sanctions, though exempted theoretically from the sanctions, it's made impossible for the Syrian government to procure the needed medicine and equipment due to the restraints on the Syrian banking system.
More about this outbreak and the latest in this report: COVID-19 Number of Cases in Syria are on the Rise Mainly in Damascus.

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