Wednesday, June 3, 2020

George Floyd Racist Murder: Domestic Form of US Foreign Carnage

George Floyd, age 46, went to his usual store in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 25 May, to purchase a pack of cigarettes. He used a twenty dollar bill, which the teen cashier who did not recognize him thought was counterfeit.

I can't breathe

The boy called the police, who managed to arrive on the scene while Mr. Floyd was still in his parked car around the corner from the store. Several officers dragged him from the vehicle, cuffed him, claimed he was resisting arrest (in the US, resisting tends to be added to most arrest charges, to help stack the deck in conviction, and to add to longer sentences upon conviction).

Though handcuffed and surrounded by several policemen, Officer David Chauvin found it necessary to further restrain Mr. Floyd with a knee to his neck, impeding the blood flow via the carotid artery, and with a knee on his back, impeding the ability of the lungs to expand and contract (this is called “Burking” named for the grave robber who ran out of corpses to sell to anatomy schools and started murdering people by sitting on their chests and covering their airways).

In the US of A, it is the rare occasion when cops are indicted for the killings of African-Americans. In the case of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, it appeared that a fix was in, to indict the wrong cops on the wrong charges, so that most of them would be found not guilty, or guilty of lesser charges. Anyone with a basic background in anatomy and physiology should have noticed that Gray had to be dragged into the police van, that his legs could not function, and that the flailing of his arms was the result of misfiring of a likely ripped cervical spinal cord.... Continue reading:

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