Thursday, June 25, 2020

Failing to Intercept the Iranian Oil Tankers Trump Imposes Sanctions on its Captains

"We cheated, we stole, and we lied" with his boss and his boss's deputy looking jealously at the hug

What happened to the regime of Donald Trump who carried out multiple illegal bombings against Syria based on a hoax he knew it was a hoax yet he did so because he could, who assassinated a top general of another country who was on an official visit to a third country where the US has a security agreement with without caring about the hefty consequences from his crime? Or the increase in funding of terrorist groups or the blank open support to Israel to carry out its crimes against the real Semite people of the Levant including granting a land he doesn't own to people who do not deserve?

Suddenly, from threatening to carry out piracy at high seas against the five Iranian oil tankers daring to challenge his embargo on the Venezuelan people to imposing sanctions on the captains of those vessels?

If the Trump officials didn't shout out their repeated threats this would have gone without notice, but exactly because of those elevated threats weren't met with actions, the world, especially the countries the US made as its foes, are seeing the USA a paper tiger, or say a real Bald Eagle (a coward bird, of bad moral character, who does not get his living honestly - Benjamin Franklin)

More in this post: Trump Imposes Sanctions on the Captains of the Ships who Delivered Iranian Oil to Venezuela

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