Tuesday, May 12, 2020

President Assad Replaces Food Supplies and Customer Protection Minister

President Bashar Al Assad issued a Presidential decree relieving the current Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, followed by another decree appointing the Governor of Homs in his place.

President Assad heading the government team combating COVID-19

Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Atef al-Naddaf is no longer in his capacity as per Presidential Decree No. 122 for 2020. His ministry ensures the availability of essential supplies to the public all over the country at all times and also ensures the prices are under control affordable for all Syrians.

Syria doesn’t have a maximum cap on goods, merchants, especially wholesalers and retailers are selling at the prices they want, however, due to the current situation resulting from the US-led War of Terror waged on the Syrian people and the unprecedented draconian sanctions imposed on the country, the government has increased its involvement in procuring the essential food supplies and offering them at much affordable rates throughout hundreds of retail outlets throughout the country.

It’s not enough there is a shortage of foods due to the blockade by the US and its ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ ilk against the country, the looting and burning of farms by Erdogan and Trump’s terrorists, there are the... Continue reading: https://www.syrianews.cc/president-assad-replaces-food-supplies-and-customer-protection-minister/

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