Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Intercontinental Wars – Part 2: The Counterattack

The USA needs to spread its hegemony across the world to keep inflating its ‘American Dream’, the economy that is backed mostly by paper, futures, promises, poisoned produce, and outsourced businesses.

Lobbycracy’ regime represents the corporations benefiting from it while selling illusions to its people. It managed by ways of deceit and spreading its corruption across the planet to destroy other economies, sanctions, economic terrorism, and real radical terrorists, but it failed to learn the lesson itself and now facing reality. The days of the Unipolar regime where it was spreading its muscles across the planet with unchallenged military force are way behind us and a New World Order is being formed, a Multi-Polar World Order, not what the neocons wanted.
The following documentary by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News channel covers the Energy War, part of the full confrontation between the dying empire and the emerging powers, between the USA and its slave countries on one side, and the rest of the world spearheaded by China, Russia, Iran, and a... Continue reading (documentary video included): https://www.syrianews.cc/intercontinental-wars-part-2-the-counterattack/

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