Friday, September 6, 2019

Hezb Allah Didn’t Target an Earlier IDF Vehicle Manned by a Falashas Jew

On the 1st of September 2019, a group of Hezb Allah fighters carried out a bold military operation against an armored IDF vehicle across the borders in occupied Palestinian territories, it was the retaliation for the aggression carried out by Netanyahu forces against the Lebanese group in Aqraba, Damascus countryside killing two of the Hezb’s fighters at their residence.

Previous to that Hezb fighters had a similar chance to target a manned IDF armored vehicle but refused to take out the target when the fighters noticed the driver was from the oppressed Falashas Jews. Not that the Falashas serving in the IDF terrorist corps are any less in their crimes against the Palestinians, though.

The Falashas are Jews who migrated from Ethiopia to Israeli occupied Palestinian territories hoping for a better life as they bought in the Jewish Agency’s luring campaigns offering free land, free housing, and high paid salaries to Jewish migrants. Their bad luck was these offers apply only to Jewish settlers of white skin, not to all Jews. Welcome to the last apartheid regime in the world, not only against the Palestinians but also even against its own foreign imported settlers.

The importance of the military operation Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance movement carried out across the borders with occupied Palestine will... Continue reading - video included:

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