Monday, July 29, 2019

SAA Eliminates a Number of Nusra Front Terrorists Northwest of Syria

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units securing the areas in the north of Hama’s countryside, south of Idlib province, retaliated against Nusra Front terrorists breaching the Astana (Idlib) Agreement.

An SAA unit destroyed a 4 x 4 machine-gun mounted pickup vehicle moving on a side road in Rajm Qat town in Idlib southeastern countryside. The vehicle was moving towards a Syrian military post and was carrying a number of terrorists. The vehicle and its cargo were deleted.

Another Syrian Arab Army unit carried out a barrage of surgical bombing against quarters and dens of terrorists in Kafr Zita town. The town is infested largely with Izzat Brigades, a terrorist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda FSA... Continue reading:

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