Thursday, July 25, 2019

Britain Foolishly Granted Iran the Control Over Strait of Hormuz

Ironically it was the dumb foolish childish act of piracy by the British ‘Royal Navy’ of the Iranian shipment and ship that gave Iran the tools it needed to stretch its muscles in the Strait of Hormuz.

Later rejecting to defuse the problem by negotiations and instead of releasing the ship, Britain escalated the conflict by announcing it’s extending the piracy another 30 days the day on the day it was supposed to release the ship as per the agreement through direct negotiations with Iranian officials. Iran didn’t need more than to claim the rights to police the Strait of Hormuz and stop and inspect ships crossing through the Strait, and if needed it can confiscate any ship which it suspects is either a British ship, or carry British goods, or carrying any shipment t that Iran deems threatening to their national security, or to the national security of the Persian / Arabian Gulf.

We’re not discussing here the illegality of the British act of piracy applying its national laws on international shipping lines, nor we’re discussing the draconian western complete embargo on the Syrian people, we’re just looking at the consequences of the British act of piracy in Gibraltar (Jabal Tariq, if you may, named after the Islamic leader Tariq Bin Ziyad who introduced Islam to Spain) water passage on the power that should control the Strait of... Continue reading:

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